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Clive Hewitt

Clive joined the choir almost 40 years ago after hearing a choir concert at Quinton Methodist Church to celebrate the church's opening, after the previous building was demolished for the construction of the M5 Motorway.

Prior to this, Clive was a member of the Quinton Methodist Church choir.

He is a Chartered Accountant and was Senior Partner in a Birmingham firm until his retirement in 1994.

From 1992, Clive has been a trustee of Hamlin Fistula UK, a UK charity supporting a hospital in Ethiopia treating women with injuries in childbirth - there are precious few medical facilities in remote areas of that country. He has visited Ethiopia 34 times, where he initiated proper internal financial accounting arrangements, when, during that period there was a significant increase in the size of the organisation from a single hospital to 5 Hospitals and a Midwifery Ciollege today.

Watercolour painting is another of Clive's pursuits. Last year, one of his pictures was shown on BBC Television's 'Working Lunch', and described as 'Clive Hewitt painted this masterpiece of Abraeron in Wales'. (Shown below...)

Clive enjoys cooking, after attending a 'Man in the Kitchen' course shortly after his retirement.

Clive has made many friends as a result of the long years of service to the choir.