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The HARMONICS section of Warley Male Choir has been running for many years, in the early years trained by Eric Wildman, during which time, Bill Jones used them during larger concerts to cover empty solo spots in the program, and a few short appearances, and then between 2005 and 2014 trained by John Larwood,  generally rehearsing without a regular pianist,  during which time they performed 46 times at a variety of smaller venues like libraries and small halls, venues in which there was an audience of upwards of 100, and a lack of space for the full choir.  Their repertoire was wide and varied covering nearly 100 different songs, many close harmony music of ‘Barbershop’ style in which the tune was carried by the Second tenors, to the more traditional music in which the melody was carried by the Baritones. The purpose of the Harmonics is to provide a choir for smaller venues, and to share our enjoyment of music with an audience which is physically closer, and in which the reaction with the audience is more intimate.


Recently the training has been taken over by Steve Allen our MD, and Helen Vaughan our pianist, and currently we have some bookings but will almost certainly pick up more during the autumn when the choir season starts.